The Vineyard

During the last Ice Age a large gravel moraine was deposited along a strip of land that reaches from Oconto Falls to North Chase.  It was this gravel that resulted in several Gravel quarries in the area.  While much of this gravel lies below several feet of topsoil, in some areas the gravel was exposed due to earlier excavation.  The  Sampson Valley Vineyard is planted on the south facing hills of a gravel Moraine on what was once the western shore of Lake Michigan.  A glacial Kettle is still clearly visible next to the Vineyard in Sampson Valley Park.

The vineyard was started in the spring of 2003. The initial plantings consisted of 60 Marchial Foch vines (to produce a red wine) and 21 LaCrosse vines (to produce a white wine).  The vineyard is located on the former dairy farm that had once been farmed by  John and Nancy Robaidek. 

The name Sampson Valley Vineyard is named after (John Robaidek's) Dairy farm (Sampson Valley Farm) that use to exist where the Vineyard now exists. 

As of 2012 the vineyard has nearly 900 vines; including Foch,   LaCrosse, Saint Pepin, LaCrescent, Prairie Star, Marquette, and Frontenac. 

The Vineyard is located beneath the circled D.