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Sampson, Valley Vineyard, Sampson, WI Map Which is about 20-25 minutes North of Green Bay just off highway 41 near Abrams.


Dates and Times of Picking:

Weekends in September or by Appointment. Call ahead or email ahead to schedule a picking.

info@sampsonvalley.com or (331) grapes1  or 331-472-7371


Varieties offered:

Cold Climate Varieties
  • Foch  (sold out for 2011)
  • LaCrosse
  • St. Pepin
  • LaCrescent (sold out for 2011)
  • Frontenac (sold out for 2011)
  • Marquette  (sold out for 2011)
  • Prairie Star (sold out for 2011)


Pick your own Prices per lb*  (cold climate varieties)

$0.75 0 - 400 lbs

$0.65 >400 lb




(*we will pick for you, for an additional $0.20/lb )

All grapes must be picked up at the vineyard unless other arrangements are made.

Expected Harvest Dates  (current brix and acid levels listed near harvest dates)

Foch (red wine grape)

Estimated Harvest date = Late September

St Pepin (fruity white wine grape)

Estimated Harvest date = Late September


LaCrosse (dry or off dry white wine grape)

Estimated Harvest Date = Late September


LaCrescent (fruity white wine grape) 

Estimated Harvest Date = Late  September

(red wine grape) 
Estimated Harvest date =  Late September /early October


Marquette (red wine grape)  
Estimated Harvest date =  Late  Septemeber

Prairie Star  (white wine grape)  
Estimated Harvest date =  Late  September



An electric Crusher destemmer and a manual press is available to use at the vineyard to anyone who purchases grapes.


I will have harvest Lugs and grape harvest forks that can be used while picking. Bring your harvest pruners if you prefer to use them. You are responsible for your own buckets/carboys to transport grapes or Juice.


For yeast and other wine making supplies try the House of Homebrew in Green Bay or the Wine and Hop Shop in Madison .


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